Chair: Lorraine Fruik
Secretary: Bruce Reniger
Member: Erik Lundwall
Member: Wendy Savola
Board Representative: Jerald Wuorenmaa

2023 Meetings (held at Township Hall)
January 17, 2 pm
February 8, 6 pm (time updated)
March 14, 6 pm (extra meeting)
April 6, 6 pm (extra meeting)
April 18, 6 pm
July 18, 6 pm
October 17, 6 pm

Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed, with proper notice provided.

Planning and Zoning Documents

2021 Bergland Township Master Plan

2021 Capital Improvements Program

2019 (Amended) Zoning Ordinance; Maps

2020-2024 Recreation Plan

Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA)

The ZBA is a three-member board that meets as needed to consider zoning variances and act on certain other matters as defined in the Zoning Ordinance and Michigan Zoning Enabling Act

Members: David Roberts, Township Supervisor; Bruce Reniger, Planning Commissioner; Deborah Neal